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Any cosmetic product before reaching the consumer’s hand has to go through the process of cosmetic approval in India. This has to be achieved only after the cosmetic approval submission is done and is approved by the regulatory body in India. Cosmetics Consultants India Pty provides end-to-end cosmetic products submission for a fastest and shortest time approval in India. The process of cosmetic products submission & approval in India is regulated and Cosmetics Consultants India Pty helps you smoothen the process- it is your best cosmetic approval and submission partner in India.

The cosmetic marketing in India and the cosmetic import regulation in India are regulated and the government of India has issued a Gazette Notification G.S.R 426(E) dated 19th May 2010 for amending the Drugs & Cosmetics Rules regarding registration of import of cosmetics in India. In India, all the cosmetic products are to be registered with the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) that is imported for sale in India. To check the sub-standard of sale of cosmetic product, new regulation has come to maintain a balance between products manufactured in India and import requirements.

Cosmetics Consultants India Pty offers customized solution to help your business enter and succeed in the Indian market by providing best consultation services focusing on cosmetic marketing and cosmetic import regulation in India. We provide you with a careful research and analysis of existing sales channels, consumer preferences, pricing structure, product mix, brand positioning and good planning which are the key factors for successful entry in the beauty and cosmetics market in India.

Cosmetics Consultants India Pty provides consultation service for cosmetic products marketing & import regulation in India. Our team handles end-to-end process of getting registration for Cosmetic Products Marketing & Import Regulation in India.

India is a cost sensitive market. Most of the market demands for best product at the lowest cost. As the business dynamics in India is different from the rest of the world, we provide our clients with unique ideas of marketing the cosmetics in the fastest growing Cosmetics Market in India.


Preparing regulatory documents is a time consuming and meticulous exercise. As an Importer or Brand Owner, you must be already engrossed in various business aspects prior to launch of a brand in India.

An incorrect understanding of how to apply for the Cosmetics Import Registration or if a mistake is made, it can lead to complete delay in business plan, overheads, financial planning issues as well as supply chain disruption.

We provide the foreign manufacturers or their Indian Agents our timely services of perfect Cosmetics Regulatory Compliances, Imports Registrations and Marketing Consultancy with unquestionable professional ethics and up-to-the-minute knowledge and resources.